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Clogging Champions of America

Clogging Champions of America is the Pulse of Clogging. The goal of CCA is to create an atmosphere of spirited and sportsmanlike competition, and to provide more opportunities for cloggers within the competitive and entertainment realms. CCA prides itself on allowing dancers to be creative and expressive in their routines. CCA has numerous events throughout the year. For more information look at the calendar of events or contact us. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Clogging Champions of America event.

Clogging Champions of America

2014 Tennessee Clogging Classic Results

UCDC Shining Stars Amateur
UCDC Artistic Expression

Amateur Junior Team: UCDC Shining Stars Amateur
Amateur Senior Team: Tennessee Hoedowners Adult
Challenge Junior Team: UCDC Junior
Challenge Senior Team: Momentum

Amateur Female: Elise Cramer
Amateur Male: Evan Burdette
Challenge Female: Kirsten Curtin
Challenge Male: Drake Walls
Traditional Solo: CJ Tate
Choreographed Solo: Kaylee Thomas
Contemporary Duo/Duet: Drake Walls & Allie Watson
Traditional Duo/Duet: Kaylee Thomas & Lauren Thomas
Show Duo/Duet: Kaylee Thomas & Lauren Thomas
Short Duo/Duet: Kaylee Thomas & Lauren Thomas

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2014 Smoky Mountain Encore Results

Amateur Junior Team: Tennessee Hoedowners Junior
Amateur Senior Team: High Country Cloggers
Challenge Junior Team: Carolina Sound Teen
Challenge Senior Team: Dynamic Edition Young Adult

Amateur Female: Haley Webb
Amateur Male: Brayden Chunn
Challenge Female: Kaylee Thomas
Challenge Male: Brayden Chunn
Traditional Solo: Lauren Thomas
Choreographed Solo: Lauren Thomas
Duo/Duet: Kaylee Thomas & Lauren Thomas
Short Duo/Duet: Kaylee Thomas & Lauren Thomas

2014 Blue Ridge Winterfest Results

Southern Jewels Onyx
Southern Jewels Sapphire
Elite Feet Senior

Congratulations to the overall Grand Champions of the 2014 Blue Ridge Winterfest!

Amateur Team: Southern Jewels Onyx
Challenge Junior Team: Southern Jewels Sapphire
Challenge Senior Team: Elite Feet Senior

Amateur Female: Emma Kate McCoy
Challenge Female: Alexis Wilson
Choreographed Solo: Taylor Wilson
Duo/Duet: Leslie Adams & Baylie Weeks
Short Duo/Duet: Sarah Peer & Lily Peer

CCA is proud to announce the All Pro Team for 2014!!

All Pro Director

Robyn Shields; Burlington, NC

All Pro Legend

Kaylee Thomas; Berea, KY

All Pro Team

Blaire Andrews; Greenville, SC
Kirsten Curtin; Bristol, TN
Brack Duncan; Winchester, KY
Kenneth Fithen; Winchester, KY
Halley Gainey; Gaffney, SC
Shelby Gilkerson; Paris, KY
Kami Graham; Gothenburg NE
Rebecca Griffin; Graham, NC
Brittany Griggs; Dawsonville, GA
Blake Krenk; Lincolnton, NE
Davi Owens; Pennington Gap, VA
Amanda Potts; Winchester, KY
Trenton Shields; Burlington, NC
Lauren Thomas; Berea, KY
Drake Walls; Bloomington, IN
Alexis Wilson; Gaffney, SC

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