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Clogging Champions of America

Clogging Champions of America is the Pulse of Clogging. The goal of CCA is to create an atmosphere of spirited and sportsmanlike competition, and to provide more opportunities for cloggers within the competitive and entertainment realms. CCA prides itself on allowing dancers to be creative and expressive in their routines. CCA has numerous events throughout the year. For more information look at the calendar of events or contact us. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Clogging Champions of America event.

Clogging Champions of America

2014 Midwest Match Up Results

Amateur Junior Team – Feet Of Fury
Amateur Senior Team – Rhythm Connection
Challenge Junior Team – Sole Patrol
Challenge Senior Team – Sweet Sensation

Amateur Female – Elise Ackerman
Amateur Male – Sam Tuveson
Challenge Female – Kyla Lorenson
Challenge Male – Josiah McCornmick
Traditional Solo – Kiley Conway
Choreographed Solo – Kyla Lorenson
Duo/Duet – Maddie Cave & Kobe Brown
Short Duo/Duet – Kinzee Hillis & Grace Carlson

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2014 Bluegrass State Results

Power Outage
Synergy Junior
Sole Power

Amateur Junior Team – Velocity
Amateur Senior Team – Power Outage
Challenge Junior Team – Synergy Junior
Challenge Senior Team – Sole Power

Amateur Female – Morgan Brummett
Amateur Male – Evan Burdette
Challenge Female – Shelby Gilkerson
Challenge Male – Drake Walls
Traditional Solo – Shelby Gilkerson
Choreographed Solo – Lauren Thomas
Duo/Duet – Drake Walls & Allie Watson
Short Duo/Duet – Lauren & Kaylee Thomas

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2014 Dieter’s Beach Jam Results

Sole Patrol
Tap This

Amateur Junior Team: Velocity
Challenge Junior Team: Sole Patrol
Challenge Senior Team: Tap This

Amateur Female: Maggie Effler
Amateur Male: Miles Byrd
Challenge Female: Lauren Thomas
Challenge Male: Drake Walls
Traditional Solo: Shelby Gilkerson
Choreographed Solo: Jessica Sales
Duo/Duet: Drake Walls & Allie Watson
Short Duo/Duet: Allie Watson & Maddie Wright

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2014 Cherokee Clogging Challenge Results

Ultimate Dance Junior
BsoD Force
Ultimate Dance Junior
TNC Elite

Amateur Junior Team – Ultimate Dance Junior
Amateur Senior Team – BsoD Force
Challenge Junior Team – Ultimate Dance Junior
Challenge Senior Team – TNC Elite

Amateur Female – Nia Alshie
Challenge Female – Emily Harlow
Challenge Male – Gavin Cox
Traditional Solo – Alex Rowlett
Choreographed Solo – Emily Harlow
Duo/Duet – Madison Shook & Emilee Banks
Short Duo/Duet – Alex Rowlett & Emily Simpson

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New Competition – Midwest Match Up

You’re invited! The 1st Annual Midwest MatchUp is scheduled for Saturday, August 23rd in Lincoln, Nebraska. We would love for you to join us this year and qualify for the 2015 CCA Showdown of Champions at Midwest Match Up.

All sanctioned categories will be offered, as well as A Cappella Solos, A Cappella Teams, and A Cappella Duo/Duets. We will also be offering Starz Categories. Please read over the schedule information carefully.

Midwest Matchup will be held in Lincoln, NE at the historic Rococo Theatre. The Theatre is in the heart of downtown Lincoln near hundreds of restaurants, entertainment, etc. This venue offers a professional stage and lighting.

We plan on seeing you in Nebraska!

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