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World of Clogging Championships

Jeff Driggs and Hanna Healy invite you to attend one of the clogging

world’s most unique events - the World of Clogging!

This three-day convention is coming up May 27 – 29, 2022 (USA Memorial

Day Weekend) at the Holiday Inn Eastgate Cincinnati.

The event will give competitors the chance to vie for top honors and some

of the clogging world’s biggest trophies! Traditional and modern clogging

styles as well as dance will take the stage to challenge each other for

awards and national qualification in a musical “Gold Record” themed


Friday evening will host Dance Studio Competition

Saturday evening will be all clogging Duo/Duets and Choreographed Solos.

All day Sunday will be Clogging Solos and all Clogging Team Events in

STARZ!, Amateur and Challenge.

The host hotel is located close to lots of shopping, restaurants, amusement

parks and area attractions.

The event also includes two days of workshops and fun dances with many

of clogging’s top instructors as well as many of the competition world’s best

dancers and directors. Five halls will offer classes with your hosts Jeff

Driggs and Hanna Healy, along with Naomi Pyle, Sheryl Baker, Trevor

DeWitt, Morgan Hudson, Sherry Glass Cox, Andrew Perry, Melissa Pack,

plus Gavin Cox, Abby Simpson, Jamie Conyers Vincent, Alyssa Keller,

Lacie Collins, Ellie Roudebush and Tristen Culton! Friday and Saturday

night’s fun dances are non-stop clogging and Saturday night includes our

fun “Instructor challenge” and the “Lights Out Laser Dance.

We hope to dance with you at the World of Clogging!

Star points & Qualifiers

CCA Event Schedule

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