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How can you Sponsor a Dancer?

Clogging Champions of America recognizes the expenses associated with clogging and makes a commitment each year to provide scholarships to dancers who may need assistance with these expenses.  The scholarship is presented to the director of the studio and can be applied to studio fees, costumes, travel and competition fees may prohibit some dancers from participating in clogging.  Prior to the Showdown of Champions each year, directors can nominate a dancer(s) within their studio to receive the Sponsor a Dancer scholarship.  After reviewing the director nominations, the Clogging Champions of America board of directors will award a scholarship to a dancer(s) in need of financial support.  Our hope is that the scholarship will assist cloggers and their families in overcoming the financial obstacle that may prohibit the dancer’s ability to participate.

Any donations to the Sponsor A Dancer program are greatly appreciated and will allow CCA to provide even more scholarship money to our dancers.  If you would like to donate, please, click the link below and your donation will be applied to this program.  If you would like to be listed as a donor, please, let us know during the donation process, and we will add you to our list.

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