All-Pro Team

What is All-Pro Team?

2020 All-Pro Team

The Clogging Champions of America “All-Pro” team will consist of 16 dancers, any number of males and females as determined by the All-Pro Selection Committee.

At each competition, the judges select 6 dancers and 2 directors that they think meet the criteria. At the end of the year, these names are compiled along with a name from each CCA director and the CCA Board, whom they think would be deserving and are not on the list. After the names are compiled, the list is sent out to each CCA Board member to be voted upon.

The “All-Pro” team will recognize the best all-around cloggers, both individual and team dancers based on the following criteria...

Our 2022 All-Pro Teams and Directors

Studio One

Tristen Culton

Tennessee Hoedowners

Hotfoot Cloggers

Kaleigh Robinson

Taps in Motion

Presleigh Robinson

Power Taps

Ultimate Dance

Kathryn Curtin


Maddie Walls (All-Pro Legend)

Hearts Ablaze

Ellie Roudebush


Preston Finley


Hannah White
Karley Thurmond

Southern Belles

Macy Kohberger


Callie Collins

Evermean Evergreens

Madileigh Montgomery

No Team

Danny Hardwick

Our All-Pro Legends

Leslie Adams
Blaire Andrews
Andrew Babbitt
Kacie Babbitt
Bryant Brogdon
Piper Brownlee
Emily Collier
Delohn Collins
Darrell Conway
Gavin Cox
Sherry Cox
Keaton Crosby
Keegan Crosby
Merm Crow
Mike Curtis
Brack Duncan
Drake Elkin
Kelly Fithen
Shelby Gilkerson
Kami Graham
Brittany Griggs
Heather Grissom
Joel Harrison
Misty Harrison
Johnny Herman
Kelly Joyce/McKinley
Kayla Kiser
Rebecca Lee
Brandon Norris
Tori O’Bryant
Beth Petrunich
Paige Simmons
Abby Simpson
Katie Anne Smith
Brian Staggs
Kirsten Stone/Curtin
Shannon South
Bryce Suite
Kaylee Thomas
Lauren Thomas
Alyson Vincent
Caitlyn Vincent
Bailey Weeks
Drake Walls
Maddie Walls

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